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About Ave Maria Utility Company
Ave Maria Utility Company, LLLP (AMUC) was formed to provide our community of Ave Maria with potable water, wastewater treatment and reclaimed water. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service, focusing on customer service and protection of our environment.

Our water and wastewater plants were designed and built to meet the current and future needs of our community. The facilities were designed around the most cost effective water industry technology and processes without compromising our environmental stewardship.

The Lower Tamiami aquifer provides the raw water used in our micro filtration and softening water treatment facility. All wastewater collected from the homes, businesses and schools of our community is returned to the wastewater treatment facility and processed to meet the high standards of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for irrigation purposes. This treated and high-level disinfected water is then distributed to various irrigation lakes within the community. The Ave Maria Stewardship Community District (AMSCD) then distributes this recycled water throughout the community for irrigation purposes.



AVE MARIA UTILITY COMPANY | 5078 Pope John Paul II Blvd, Suite 202, Ave Maria, FL 34142